Eilat+ changes address

Eilat+ changes address

In early March, 2016, the 'Tourism Corporation of Eilat' launched the new and improved Eilat+, Eilat's official tourism site, at a new web address: http://eilat.city/en

Through the cooperation between the Municipality of Eilat and 'Eilat City', which operated, for the past 6 years, an online guide to Eilat at - www.eilat-city.net, the new Eilat+ was created. The new website combines the old 'Eilat City' with the previous Eilat+ sites, in 4 different languages:

wWww.redseaeilat.co.il - Hebrew
www.redseaeilat.com – English
www.redseaeilat.ru – Russian
www.redseaeilat.fr - French


Now, both residents of Eilat and vacationers, can enjoy the best of both older sites, and get the latest and most comprehensive information about Eilat tourism as well as events and business in the city, and all under the name Eilat +, Eilat's official tourism site, at: eilat.city.



Vision for the new website

The Eilat+ team will work round the clock to gather and organize all the latest information about Eilat, and to deliver it to you, wrapped in a beautiful and easy to use package, called Eilat+.

Using the new and improved Eilat+, you will be able to easily access rich and comprehensive information about accommodation in Eilat, restaurants, attractions, culture, nightlife and entertainment, as well as catch upcoming events in the city and easily locate any business operating in the city.

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