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The Evacuated Airport Area


Reserved land located close to the tourist area that covers an area of approximately 188 acres. According to the plan prepared by the Israel Lands Authority in conjunction with Eilat's outline plan that is already being processed, 1,900 housing units and 2,100 hotel units are planned to be built in the area. The boulevard of hotels and commercial areas will form a Strip created by the evacuation of the airport and allowing urban development between the town's residential and tourism area. The key principles of the planning and design are to create a continuous line of hotels along the main entrance to the city, create a pedestrian mall bustling with tourist trade along the central axis of the complex and closely linking the city centre, opening a wide view angle towards the sea, open public spaces and avenues, green spaces and recreational leisure activities.


East Lagoon

The lagoon adjacent to the East Coast covers an area of 150 acres and is intended for the provision and additional 2,000 accommodation places in various sized hotels ranging from rural two story hotels to large six story hotels to be built all around the lagoon. At this time the Government Tourism Company is carrying out operations to regulate the water and soil state.



The plan includes an area of 325 acres which include an 850 acre golf course. The rest of the land will be developed for a special golf neighborhood in accordance with a plan promoted by the Ministry of Housing to market approximately 2,000 housing units that will be built around the golf course. The new neighborhood will include 300 ground floor high standard residential units and the rest apartments, condos and semi detached houses.


District 2

The east zone of the city in the new Shachamon neighborhood covering an area of approximately-100 acres will allow the development of 459 units. These high quality residential units will consist of ground floor apartments, semidetached houses and rows of two story houses. 84 units will be built in three story buildings.  The neighborhood also has an area suitable for a public building and public and commercial areas. The plan was prepared by the Ministry of Housing, has been approved and a detailed construction and development plan is currently underway. Each plan relates to the landscape of the Gulf of the Red Sea and planned in a way that most of the houses will have an open sea view. 2 Wadis (valleys) will be cultivated in the vicinity of the neighborhood offering an open green public area that will eventually combine the neighborhood with the future development of the evacuation of the naval base.

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